Creating your first Vue.js App

Perks of learning Vue

  1. Makes creating UI’s and front-end apps much easier
  2. Less of a learning curve than other frameworks
  3. Extremely fast and lightweight
  4. Build powerful SPA apps
  5. Virtual DOM
  6. Growing in the industry
  1. JavaScript Fundamentals (Arrays, Objects, Conditionals, etc)
  2. ES6 Module Syntax
  3. High Order Array Methods — map, forEach, filter
  4. Arrow Functions
  5. Fetch API & Promises

Environment Setup

npm install -g @vue/cli
vue --version

After setting up your environment:

  1. Create your first app by running this command:
vue create app-name
*Note*Babel is a transpiler that converts JavaScript syntax to browser-readable JavaScript, HTML, and CSS



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